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Vetted International's Best Practices & Accreditation Attributed to Avoiding Scrutiny

August 14, 2009 - Raleigh, NC - Vetted International, Ltd. ( has announced that it has received an A Rating and Accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The grade is the highest possible for a company that is in business for less than 7 years. Vetted is entering its 5th year of business and attributes its trusted brand and reputation to companywide acceptance of its Core Values and Best Practices.

"One of the key elements to maintaining a trusted brand is to credential our capabilities prior to entering into a commitment to our customers. Training & credentialing, strict best practices, and adherence to industry standards are minimum requirements. Our reputation is always at stake, so we have to set the bar as high as possible," said Brian Sjostedt, Vetted President & CEO.

Vetted International was founded in May 2005 following the Sept 11 events that led to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Civilian contractors in support of United States strategies abroad are covered by a 1941 law titled the Defense Base Act (DBA). The DBA covers civilian contractors in a similar fashion as a traditional state worker's compensation policy; however, there are many challenges that are difficult to overcome without the assistance of companies like Vetted International. One such challenge is the lack of presence by insurers in the countries in which contractors are covered. Vetted initially provided that presence to act as liaisons to expedite claims handling. As more challenges arose, Vetted expanded its services to include medical management and treasury services.

"When a local Iraqi sustained an injury and was covered under the DBA, there was not a mechanism in which insurers or employers could present a medical response with a US Standard of care approach. We built that capability and later developed a mechanism to provide timely payments to beneficiaries through our Treasury Services," added Brian Sjostedt.

Vetted was initially the only company providing a comprehensive suite of claim services to DBA insurers and contractors, but since inception, competitors inevitably surfaced and the market became diluted.

Now the handling of claims are under congressional scrutiny and investigations into violations by like companies have prompted Vetted International to take a close look at their current best practices and appreciate their benefits.

"There remains the likelihood that someone will not be satisfied with the results of our work. That has to be expected and it is possible that someone can tell a story on an internet website. But we will always remain approachable to discuss complaints with affected parties," said Sjostedt.

Vetted International has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau in that it meets all standards including a commitment to make good faith efforts to resolve consumer complaints.

About Vetted International:

Vetted International is a corporate and government solution based company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Vetted utilizes a global network of integrity driven local national professionals to minimize risk and implement responsive action plans in various permissive & non-permissive environments. Foreign and domestic insurance companies, financial institutions, government departments & ministries, government agencies & contractors, and healthcare organizations have relied on Vetted's unique capabilities in over 40 countries worldwide.

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Vetted has a long standing tradition of providing customer mission focused investigation, medical and technical support services to its diverse clients with operations across the globe.

Vetted International, Ltd. is fully licensed, insured, and compliant with US and International laws. Vetted also participates in customer required due diligence and inspections and is HIPAA, OFAC, Sarbanes Oxley, and Privacy compliant.

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