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Vetted International Adds Support to Government Contractors with DNA Collection, Storage & Analysis

May 13, 2012 - Raleigh, NC - Vetted International, Ltd. ( continues its support of the Department of Defense by providing services to US contractors in the collection and storage of DNA.

Generally, all contractor personnel who support U.S. Forces in contingency operations are required to collect and store DNA for the period for which an employee is deployed overseas in support of contingency operations according to the MOD 11 to the USCENTCOM Individual Protection and Individual-Unit Deployment Policy. Medical personnel, both employed and contracted by Vetted International, collect DNA specimen samples for use in identification of human remains if needed.

"A bloodstain DNA card specimen has proven itself far superior to previous identification methods," says Brenda Williams RN, MPH of Vetted Corporate Headquarters. "The process used by Vetted International is the preferred method of casualty identification by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs." Furthermore, having a DNA sample on file is a way for a company to be proactive and account for their personnel in case disaster strikes. It is also a way to assist the families of deployed personnel in healing and closure.

DNA is stored as part of the medical record inside a secure vault protected by state of the art security systems, environmental controls, and strict access control policies. US citizen specimens are stored in the Vetted International DNA Bank or are transported directly to the Armed Forces Repository Specimen Sample for Identification of Remains (AFRSSIR). Contrary to the AFRSSIR, non-US citizen contractors can have their DNA stored in the Vetted International DNA Bank as well as US citizens.

Vetted International is currently collecting DNA worldwide while storing and conducting analysis in the United States. "DNA is private and personal and Vetted International understands the complex legal and ethical guidelines associated with collecting and storing DNA. Protecting an individual's health record, a person's DNA sample and their privacy is of paramount importance," added Ashley Nicholson, the Technical Services Case Manager at Vetted Corporate Headquarters. Vetted International's staff is fully HIPAA compliant and only authorized individuals have access to the bank. The DNA will never be used for any other purpose than identification of remains and the sample can be destroyed after exiting the theater per the donor's request. Vetted International's DNA Bank is secure, private and reliable.

About Vetted International:

Vetted International is a corporate and government solution based company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Vetted utilizes a global network of integrity driven local national professionals to minimize risk and implement responsive action plans in various permissive & non-permissive environments. Foreign and domestic insurance companies, financial institutions, government departments & ministries, government agencies & contractors, and healthcare organizations have relied on Vetted's unique capabilities in over 50 countries worldwide.

Vetted International has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau in that it meets all standards including a commitment to make good faith efforts to resolve consumer complaints.

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