Our Company

Integrity Driven and Proven Performance.

Vetted International, Ltd. is a veteran owned business that uses a global network of integrity driven local national professionals to meet our client’s unique needs in various permissive and non-permissive environments. We leverage our past experience and the unique qualifications of our culturally astute employees allow us to operate seamlessly on a global scale ensuring we can provide our clients with an expeditious response and the highest quality of service at a competitive price. We have completed over 15,000 assignments since inception and our best practices, core values and past experience shape every element of our work.

Challenging Environments. Austere Environments. Foreign Environments. Vetted is Already There.

Vetted works in very dangerous and hostile environments every day. Simply stated, we can accomplish assignments that no one else can. Our employees are already on the ground, ready to respond. Furthermore, our employees and our partners trust us to take precautions to ensure that every assignment is completed as safely and expeditiously as possible. As a client you can trust in Vetted, because Vetted has the expertise and is already there.

A Commitment to Our Clients.

Our customers have confidence and trust in our company and practices. We believe in open communication with our client. We listen and discover their needs and value their feedback. Our company does not overpromise and under deliver, rather we assist our clients by creating customizable business solutions to challenging problems every day.

Global Service Organization: Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.