Vetted International supports initiatives to relieve communities experiencing hardship in the conflict regions in which Vetted operates. Priority is given to programs that advance the wellbeing of children.

As an industry leader in investigative, medical, and risk management services, Vetted International strives to give back to the community through corporate engagement. We are active in our local community in North Carolina and also in regions in which our company operates. We strive to provide public safety awareness and services for the community, assist public safety agencies, and respond to the community in times of need. We are committed to providing safe and nurturing environments while respecting human rights.

We achieve our mission through raising awareness about public safety, teaching and volunteering at events in the community. We also provide the community access to DNA banking and identification services to aid families and law enforcement during the investigation of missing persons. We provide expeditious catastrophic relief efforts of the highest quality to assist local and global communities in crisis.

Our vision is to be a resource for communities and public safety entities to provide responsive and reliable services promoting public safety and health via preventative and responsive programs and education.