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Vetted International strives to provide its government clients, primes and government contractors with the highest quality of services and an expeditious response at a competitive price--whether in Washington, D.C.; nationally or internationally.

Our team draws on their international expertise and past performance CONUS and OCONUS in the planning and implementation of government contracts and support to ensure that the work is completed with respect to timelines and budget. It is an honor to provide our government and government contractors with expertise and services to assist them in their mission.

 Subindustries of Government:

We provide our government clients and government contractors with:

  • Proven past performance
  • International, medical and investigative expertise
  • Competitive pricing
  • Project management and technical support

 We accept Smart Pay.                

About Us

Vetted has a long standing tradition of providing customer mission focused investigation, medical and technical support services to its diverse clients with operations across the globe.

Vetted International, Ltd. is fully licensed, insured, and compliant with US and International laws. Vetted also participates in customer required due diligence and inspections and is HIPAA, OFAC, Sarbanes Oxley, and Privacy compliant.

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Vetted International, Ltd.
4242 Six Forks Road, Suite 1550
Raleigh, NC 27609 USA
Office: 919-518-9200
Toll Free: 1-877-VETTED1
Intl: +1-919-518-9200
Contact us:

24 Hour Emergency Hotline

USA : 1-866-434-8744
INTL : +1-919-747-5898